How to quit amazon job?

Deciding to leave your job at Amazon can be a significant and life-altering decision. Whether you’ve found a better opportunity, want a change in career direction, or simply need a break, quitting any job should be done thoughtfully and professionally. In this article, we will discuss the steps and considerations to help you quit your Amazon job gracefully and transition smoothly into the next phase of your career.

Reflect on Your Decision

Before you take any action, it’s crucial to reflect on your decision to leave Amazon. Ask yourself why you want to quit and what you hope to achieve by leaving. Ensure that your motivations are clear and that you’ve thought through the potential consequences of your decision.

Review Your Employment Contract

Review your employment contract and company policies to understand the notice period you’re required to give and any non-compete clauses or other contractual obligations. Amazon, like many large companies, may have specific rules regarding your departure.

Secure Your Next Opportunity

Ideally, secure a new job or have a solid plan in place before quitting Amazon. It’s generally easier to find new employment while you’re still employed. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile, network with industry contacts, and actively search for job openings.

Give Proper Notice

Resigning from your Amazon job should be done professionally and courteously. Typically, you should provide a two-week notice, but this may vary depending on your role and company policies. Be prepared to fulfill your notice period, if required.

Prepare a Resignation Letter

Compose a formal resignation letter addressed to your supervisor or manager. In your letter, express your gratitude for the opportunities you’ve had at Amazon and your reasons for leaving. Keep it concise, professional, and positive. Here’s a basic template:

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[City, State ZIP Code]

[Your Email Address]

[Today’s Date]

[Supervisor’s Name]

[Amazon Department]

[Amazon Address]

[City, State ZIP Code]

Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

I am writing to formally resign from my position as [Your Position] at Amazon, with my last working day to be [Last Working Day, typically two weeks from the date of your resignation letter].

I want to express my deep appreciation for the opportunities and experiences I’ve gained during my time at Amazon. I’ve learned a great deal, and I am grateful for the support and guidance of my colleagues and mentors.

After careful consideration, I have decided to pursue new challenges and opportunities in my career. I believe this decision will help me grow both personally and professionally.

I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition and am willing to assist in any way possible during my notice period.

Thank you once again for the invaluable experiences I’ve had at Amazon. I look forward to staying in touch.


[Your Name]

Exit Interview

Participate in an exit interview if your employer requests one. Be honest but diplomatic in your feedback, focusing on constructive comments that can help the company improve. Avoid burning bridges, as you never know when your paths might cross again.

Handover Responsibilities

During your notice period, work closely with your supervisor to ensure a seamless transition of your responsibilities to your colleagues or successor. Document your tasks and processes, and be available to answer questions.

Maintain Professionalism

Maintain professionalism until your last day at Amazon. Avoid speaking negatively about the company or your colleagues. A good reputation is a valuable asset in your professional journey.

Quitting your job at Amazon or any other company can be a challenging but necessary step in your career. By following these steps and conducting yourself professionally throughout the process, you can leave on good terms and position yourself for success in your next endeavor. Remember that career transitions are common, and when handled gracefully, they can lead to new and exciting opportunities in the future.